April 2021

Windows Virtual Desktop

Remote, work from anywhere—it’s here to stay in some fashion. That’s why you need a safe, reliable virtual desktop that offers you everything the office does—and more! Access this video to learn more about Microsoft #WindowsVirtualDesktop, and contact NIS for more information.

Webinar best practices: An activation playbook

How do you drive registrations for your webinars? What about during the event—what’s the best way to drive engagement? Don’t forget post webinar strategy! Access this playbook for best practices on successful webinars, and contact NIS for more resources!

Microsoft Talentsoft Dior Partner Story

The combination of fashion and technology is not something you see every day. But then again, the most unexpected combinations often produce the most spectacular results. Watch this video to see how #MachineLearning and #Microsoft #Teams are being used to elevate Dior’s talent acquisition to new heights.

Rolls-Royce and Microsoft collaborate to create new digital capabilities

Flight delays are an extremely bothersome but unavoidable nuisance that cost airlines millions of dollars each year. However, in the following years, they may become extinct thanks to the #IoT. Watch this video to learn how Rolls-Royce is using #Microsoft #Azure to extract and analyze airplane engine data in real time to keep flights safe and avoid unnecessary delays.

Enhance innovation and agility with Digital Twins

#Azure Digital Twin technology gives organizations the agility to manage their environments proactively. Check out this eBook to find out more about this technology, its potential, and its applications, as well as #Microsoft partners relying on Digital Twins today.

8 ways to rethink virtual events for the age of social distancing

Virtual events have proven beneficial this past year, but there are important factors to keep in mind. Leverage the experience and insight from others who have walked the path, including Bob  Bejan,  #Microsoft’s  Corporate Vice President of  Global  Events. Access this article and get an inside look at what he’s learned.

Putting customers at the center of the OEM supply chain

Organizations around the world know that achieving supply chain digital transformation improves their ability to compete. Ensure your organization is maximizing its digital transformation potential with resilient supply chain technology from #Microsoft. Learn more with this whitepaper:

Migrate Web Apps

When you migrate your web applications to Azure App Service, Microsoft makes the migration process easy while providing multiple options. Learn about the three simple ways to migrate your apps with this infographic:

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