July 2021

Create a more-productive, self-sustaining farm. Get started with Microsoft Azure AI.

As the climate changes, the world’s population continues to grow, and resources become scarcer, farmers must turn to digital transformation to become more efficient and lessen their impact on the environment. Follow NIS to learn how to renewable energy, automation, and Microsoft #Azure can be leveraged to increase yields and power sustainable operations.

Helping animals find their forever homes with Reverse Matching

At cat and dog adoption centers, the sooner a pet can be matched with its forever home, the better for all. Thanks to #MicrosoftAzure and #AI, the turnaround times are speeding up. Access this customer story to learn how artificial intelligence is improving the lives of cats and dogs and their forever-families.

Healthcare nonprofit empowers its people to improve processes, respond faster with Power Automate

Partners In Health (PIH) serves impoverished communities in 11 countries, bringing modern medical care to those most in need. To better support its global workforce and mission to deliver high-quality healthcare, PIH adopted #Microsoft Power Automate, using it to streamline internal processes, automate tedious tasks, and give every employee the ability to create flows that improve productivity. Access this customer story to learn how and why they did it.

Our approach to responsible AI

Is your AI technology improving lives?

New technologies can have inadvertent effects on people in society. Watch this #Microsoft video to see why it is important to consider whether new AI technologies align with people’s values and ethics, and contact NIS to learn more.

Predictive Analytics

AI represents a growing opportunity to transform your business. This infographic illustrates how Microsoft has turned its AI breakthroughs into ongoing momentum with predictive analytics, the responsible way.

Contact us today to gain visibility into your models, explain model behavior, and detect and mitigate unfairness.

Learn Azure in a month of lunches

The most important purpose of technology for nonprofit organizations is to help you better serve the public good. #Microsoft is committed to supporting nonprofits around the world, and this resource is an example of this commitment. Access this e-book, Part 4 specifically, to learn how #Azure solutions can help nonprofits scale and drive greater impact around the world through the cloud.

How to adapt business processes quickly in times of disruption

Maintaining continuity of services and operations is a critical concern for nonprofits, especially in these unprecedented times where budget and resources are stretched. With low code automation, you can (1) connect your legacy and modern systems fast and seamlessly. (2) Uncover key insights hidden within data using AI capabilities. (3) Free people up to focus their attention on more strategic work. Access the e-book now, and contact NIS for more information.

City of Houston: Data accessibility

Reducing redundant, intensive manual tasks and making information more accessible to those who need it should be top priorities in digitally transforming public institutions. See how the city of #Houston is using #Microsoft365 to empower its employees and citizens via web-based, scalable solutions that digitally enable more public services.

Cultivating successful farming for future generations

In parts of Kenya, climate change has increased the length of the annual dry season and forced independent farmers to seek innovative solutions to confront this new challenge. Watch this video to learn how digital solutions powered by solar energy and Microsoft #Azure are delivering hope to the region’s farmers.

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