July 2021

Keeping the Farmer and Farm Working

In some parts of the world, sustainable farming conditions are possible only through modern technology. See how #IoT, solar energy, and Microsoft #Azure #AI are being used in parts of Kenya to provide farmers with stable income and the food they need to feed their families.

City of Houston: Collaborative tools

Whether they’re public or private, modern organizations need to strive for innovation and security to stay relevant in today’s digital world. Thankfully, in the pursuit of increased productivity, leading enterprise software now puts collaboration front and center.. To illustrate this, see how the city of #Houston is optimizing its collaboration capabilities and fostering innovation by empowering its employees via #Microsoft365.

In an era of distractions, Microsoft wants AI to be your coworker

Access this thought-provoking article, “In an era of distractions, Microsoft wants AI to be your coworker” to learn more about how today’s distractions and ever-changing workdays go hand-in-hand with the increased need for artificial intelligence. Contact NIS for additional information for your organization.

Microsoft Analytics and AI

Have you considered how Analytics and AI might be able to help your organization with opportunities to differentiate and personalize donor and constituent engagements? Access this one-page overview and contact NIS to learn more.

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