August 2021

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Clinging to legacy technology can decrease an organization’s efficiency and severely limit its ability to react on time to sudden changes in its industry. Follow NIS to gain insights into how the cloud, AI, and Microsoft #Azure are empowering today’s leading organizations to drive innovation via digital solutions.

Cloud scale analytics 101

How can you use your organization’s data to help move to a proactive mode of operations, in an age where continuous improvement is the expectation? Check out this e-book on Analytics 101 to unlock the full potential of your data.

Cloud security advice for nonprofit leaders

As the regulatory world evolves, it’s time to demand more from your technology. Stay on top of security and compliance issues. Explore how #Microsoft 365 E5 makes it easier to identify and categorize data, maintain compliance with important regulations such as GDPR, and respond effectively to data breach incidents. Access this flyer now.

How to use AI in Dynamics 365 for sales and marketing

Could your nonprofit organization benefit by learning more about Dynamics 365 and artificial intelligence capabilities? Play this video to learn the full breadth of capabilities and what it takes to set it up. Connect with NIS for more information and support.

Management and security: Manage and secure access to apps, data, and devices

Security and privacy are hot topics, especially with the increase in remote work this past year. This video provides guidance on how to secure apps to ensure secure remote work environments. It covers enabling access to cloud and on-premises apps, security control, and data protection on devices. Play it now, and then contact NIS for more information.

Three ways analytics can help: Respond, adapt, and save

How are organizations using analytics to help them move forward due to COVID-19 challenges? Access this e-book to learn how #Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics was created for needs just like yours. Contact NIS for more information on how analytics can help your nonprofit.

6 steps to building a holistic security strategy​ for your nonprofit

In the past, cybersecurity and privacy were often low on the list of priorities for nonprofits. As cyberthreats have increased, so have the risks of ignoring those threats. Breaches, compromised data, and cyberattacks can put vulnerable beneficiaries at risk, disrupt nonprofit operations and services, expose them to liability, and tarnish the reputation they have so painstakingly built. The risk is often higher for small organizations because they have fewer safeguards in place. Access this e-book to find out how you can use #Microsoft 365 to build agile security frameworks in your organization.

City of Houston: transportation transformation

As their populations increase, local governments must leverage digital transformation to increase the efficiency of their operations and implement technologies that create smarter, safer cities. Watch this video to learn how the city of Houston is using #Microsoft365 to boost the scope and effectiveness of its services while future-proofing its operations for years to come.

Australian National University: The DNA of data and AI

Watch this video to learn how genome researchers at Australian National University (ANU) are using AI, cloud technology, and Microsoft #Azure to increase the processing limits of their data and obtain new insights from their investigations.

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