March 2022

eBook: Intelligent Economies: AI’s transformation of industries and society

As AI becomes increasingly embedded in society, it will not only change the businesses that adopt it — it will also have significant economic, social, and civic effects on citizens and consumers.

NIS is here to guide you through these exciting and uncertain times. Download this eBook from Microsoft to explore the transformative potential of AI on markets and societies across the developed and developing worlds.

Kennametal embraces Microsoft cloud strategy to drive business innovation

.@Kennametal went from a local company to a global powerhouse with #Microsoft cloud solutions. See how your business can go on the same journey of digital transformation to reduce costs, increase productivity, and empower workers to deliver superior results for your organization. Watch the video to learn more!

Do more with Surface for Business

From note-taking to presentation making, Surface devices are designed to optimize productivity so you get the most of every moment. #SurfaceForBusiness

Learn more about Surface for Business 

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