What is CAS CRM?

CAS CRM is a Smart Company of CAS Software AG, located in Karlsruhe. It is the leading CRM Software Provider for SMEs.
CAS CRM was founded in 1986 by CEO, Martin Hubschneider, and CTO Lugwig Neer.
CAS Software AG currently employs approximately 500 high-motivated professional employees 

Why CAS genesisWorld?
11 good reasons for CAS genesisWorld

Why is CAS genesisWorld the right CRM Software for you?
Here’s a list of the most important reasons for using our tried and tested software solutions:

1. Support for all areas of your business

Whether project management, marketing or services: the comprehensive functionality of CAS genesisWorld provide all areas of your company with support. Your employees will have a number of diverse tools they can use to assist them in their daily customer management.

2. Highest levels of flexibility and scalability

We’ll configure the software to suit your needs, from the user interface to database structure. Which means that CAS genesisWorld is always growing to meet your requirements.

3. Flexible working while mobile

Whether you are in or out of the office: you will always have secure access to all of your important customer and project data.

4. Sophisticated permissions which conform to data protection standards

You use the sophisticated, multilevel rights concept to determine who gets access to what data. CAS genesisWorld grants access strictly in accordance with data protection regulations.

5. Seamless integration of third-party solutions

Benefit from the numerous software extensions and interfaces provided by third-party suppliers. Integrate MS Office or ERP programs and make CAS genesisWorld the nerve center for your efficient customer management.

6. Heavy demands placed upon quality

From product planning to development and pre-release testing: the quality of the CRM solution is kept consistently high by means of constant controls and test procedures.

7. SME requirements remain the focus

As an SME, CAS Software AG has intimate knowledge of its target groups’ needs. Now, more than 300,000 users in more than 10,300 companies use this innovative software solution.

8. The CRM market leader with many years of experience

Established in 1986, CAS Software AG are now the German market leaders for CRM solutions specifically for SMEs. Customers benefit from the company’s many years of experience, which is used to continually develop and improve their software solutions.

9. Annual investment in innovation

Between 20 and 30 percent of turnover is re-invested annually in the continual development of the CRM solutions.

10. Award-winning customer management

CAS customers have already won the prestigious CRM Best Practice Award a total of nine times for their outstanding customer management. And in 2006 and 2011, CAS Software AG was crowned Innovator of the year, and Employer of the year in 2009 and 2016 as well as receiving an award for customer satisfaction from (i2s CRM-Study 2012/13).

11. Qualified partner network support

Our extensive partner network of more than 200 partners guarantees that you will find a qualified partner in your area. Partner services include professional consultation with respect to implementation as well as support and training – CAS CRM customers are always in good hands.

Importance and Use of CRM

The central ideal at the heart of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is finding the best possible way to manage your relationships with customers, partners or any other interest groups or stakeholders. Considered strategically, this means your customers become your company’s most valuable capital and, from now on, are central to all business activity.

Basically, all your information, experience and knowledge are stored centrally in a well-organized manner. And any employees requiring access to the data can do so at any time, enabling them to see all the correspondence associated with the customer and their respective projects. Managing this much information in a clearly structured way requires professional CRM software like CAS genesisWorld, which is specially designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Improve the flow of your information for motivated employees and delighted customers

You might be asking yourself why you would want to change to CRM and restructure? Well, the benefits are clear:

• Faster reaction times
• Transparent communications
• Structured work processes
• React more appropriately to your customers
• Improved service

All of these factors increase employee motivation and ensure sustainable customer satisfaction. Satisfied, loyal customers will recommend your company, and what is more valuable that a personal recommendation? It’s worth noting that maintaining customer relationships with existing customers is more economical than trying to acquire new customers.

CRM – your key to sustainable business success

Implement professional customer management into your company. Structure and organize your processes around the needs of your customers. Ensure increased transparency and efficiency as well as more employee and customer satisfaction. CRM is your key to sustainable business success.

If you have any questions on the advantages of CRM and the specific ways it can be used in your company, then contact us now for more information. Or maybe you would just like to know which software solution would be most suitable for your company? As an official CAS-Partner NIS are here to help you anytime and at no obligation.


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