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Mobile customer management for small companies and the self-employed. Professional and efficient customer relationship management has never easier for small companies, freelancers and the self-employed. CAS PIA is a complete CRM solution designed especially for this segment, and now it’s available to help you anytime and anywhere.
CAS PIA functions as a so-called ″Software as a Service” solution. There’s no software to install and you don’t have to ensure that it is kept up to date. All you need is a computer or a smartphone and access to the Internet. This is all it takes to help you access you important contacts, view your complete customer histories, manage your tasks and appointments or edit your documents.

Quick integration

There are no long installation and training processes, in fact, you can get started right away thanks to the intuitive user interface. All of your existing customer data can be integrated at the touch of a button and all the functions are available for immediate use.

Highly flexible:

You can customize the structure and views to suit your needs. And new users are added easily, which means that CAS PIA can grow with your company.

A fair price performance ratio

Depending on your requirements, CAS PIA is available in two versions: the Starter version for quick and easy contact management, and the Full version with extended functionality for sales and marketing.

Always available

Because CAS PIA is a Web-based CRM solution, all of your important customer data is available at any time, whether day or night, you can even access your data via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Highest levels of security

In addition to 24/7 access to your data, we ensure that any data you do transfer is always encrypted and that any sensitive data you have stored is protected in line with the German data security guidelines and data protection regulations.

Functions in detail

Customer management:

Customer management lies at the heart of CAS PIA and the customer management functionality is the same in both the Full and Starter versions. These functions will help you to manage all of your contact data and enable you to add any important additional information. The customer dossier provides you with a complete and comprehensive overview, here you can view an archive of the communications history for every customer. Another nice feature is the ability to display a customer heat map, this shows the geographic distribution and concentrations of your customers.


Groupware facilitates easier team working, it’s all here from appointment planning to task management and even document management. CAS PIA can also be integrated into Outlook or Office programs in no time at all. Also, in the Full version of CAS PIA, you will find a number of useful templates at your disposal. In addition, you can integrate your company news into your personal dashboard.


Once CAS PIA has been successfully linked to your e-mail client, you have the option of archiving incoming and outgoing e-mail automatically. This feature is available in both versions. The Full version also includes a telephone integration as well as mail merge and form letter functionality.

Sales and marketing

In the Full version of CAS PIA, you will find a number of sophisticated sales and marketing functions for your sales and marketing activities: for example, why not simplify your marketing and advertising campaigns with the campaign management feature. Increase your efficiency security of your planning by applying diverse evaluations to your opportunities.

Why not try CAS PIA now – for free

You can try CAS PIA for 30 days – for free, and at no obligation. Once you have tried CAS PIA we are sure you will be convinced of the advantages and practicality that this Web-based CRM solution offers. Try CAS PIA now for free!

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