Email Security- What you should know!

Here are some tips on spotting a spoofed email!

In todays world a simple misguided click with a one or two ‘nexts’ can trigger an avalache of security breaches.

Heres some tops tips from NIS in keeping your Data safe.

Tip 1 

Look at the email address first is it correct? Check for spelling mistakes and inconsistencies. Read your emails carefully and report anything that might seem suspicious. 

Tip 2 

Analyse the saluation.  Is the email addresses to a vague ‘ valued customer’. Watch out for any email coming from an unknown source that you are not used to receiving.

Tip 3

Do not give out personal information. Legitimate banks and other companies will never ask for personal credentials via email. Do not give them out. 

Tip 4

Review the signature. Lack of details about the signer or how you can contact the company strongly can suggest a Phish. Legitimate businesses always provide contact details. 

Tip 5 

Beware of ‘urgent’ or threatening language in the subject line, trying to invoke an urgency on the email. This is a common tactic used. Be aware of subject lines that claim your ‘ account is being suspended’ or your  account had an ‘unauthorised login attempt’

If you are ever unsure about an email you receive contact us and we can advise. 

Better safe than sorry!

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