Microsoft Teams

About The Team

Microsoft Teams is cloud-based team collaboration software that is part of the Office 365 suite of applications. The core capabilities in Microsoft Teams include business messaging, calling, video meetings and file sharing. Businesses of all sizes can use Teams.

Today, people who work as teams are more likely to be high performers: working faster, iterating quicker, and accomplishing more. We know first hand here at NIS how efficient Teams can make your business

Microsoft Teams has become the centre of the Office 365 platform. Teams is the ultimate collaboration tool becoming the fastest adopted application of all time. Teams allows your entire organisation to communicate more efficiently, work better together in a customised and highly secure workspace.

Teams is available as a mobile or desktop application allowing you to work and collaborate anywhere at any time. You have access to audio and video conferencing features, Office applications, email, file storage and now private channels.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that helps your team stay organised and have conversations—all in one place.
Here's a quick look at the left hand side of Teams.


Find channels to belong to or create your own. Inside channels you can hold on-the-spot meetings, have conversations, and share files.


See everything you’ve got lined up for the day or week. Or, schedule a meeting. This calendar syncs with your Outlook calendar.


In some cases, if your organization has it set up, you can call anyone from Teams, even if they’re not using Teams.


Catch up on all your unread messages, @mentions, replies, and more.

The best part is that Teams is included with nearly all Office 365 plans
so you more than likely already have it.

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