Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM for flexible customer management

Whether you are on-site visiting a customer, on the road as a sales rep or on a business trip, modern-day customer service knows no bounds. Mobile CRM is the magic word when it comes to ensuring that your employees have 24/7 access to all the relevant customer and project data they might need while on the go. The benefits are clear: increasing customer satisfaction through shorter reaction times as well as reducing costs through more efficient business processes.

Mobile CRM in real operational scenarios

Mobile access to important CRM data makes your day-to-day work much easier in a variety of situations: for example, composing visit reports while you are still on-site with a customer or while sat on the train on your way home. Use the opportunity to fill out lead or interview surveys with your prospects while you are still at the trade fair. Or, catch up with your sales opportunities using live access for a real-time view of your sales potential and product items.

3-ways you can use Mobile CRM

With CAS genesisWorld there are three ways you can access important customer and project data while mobile:
1. Using a regular Internet browser and a secure internet connection.
2. Using applications (Apps), which have been specially developed for Smartphones and tablets.
3. Using an offline data transfer by means of Mobile Sync or replication.

CAS genesisWorld pushes CRM forward

The importance of Mobile CRM is no longer a matter of debate, which is why CAS genesisWorld is championing Mobile CRM as a new means of working, both now and in future. A key innovative development is for example, the free use of Open-Street Maps in the current x5 version. As a result, CRM contact data can now be visualized on digital maps, which makes planning customer visits significantly easier. Should you have any questions on the new Mobile CRM trend please contact us, as official CAS Partners, NIS are here to help you.

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