Service Management - Helpdesk

Delight your customers with first-class service management


The secret to satisfied customers across the board lies in professional service management. How your company deals with matters such as refunds and orders is vital to the integrity of your long-term customer relationships. CAS genesisWorld provides clever additional functions that allow you to manage all your important customer information centrally and clearly. This makes your reaction times quicker, your internal processes more effective and your customers more satisfied.

Helpdesk module – clever functionality

Help to build trust and confidence with your customers. You will find all the important support tools for the service and support area included in the optional Helpdesk module.

Monitor everything

which agreements have been met? What products does the customer use? What service contracts are currently running? Helpdesk stores all the important information centrally. So you can always act quickly, flexibly and competently.

Full control of your costs

Whether recording time or resources – your costs remain transparent and traceable.

Comfortable trouble ticket management

Helpdesk makes managing your trouble tickets easier. You can define which employee should is informed about new tickets as well as being able to evaluate the trouble tickets on a customer by customer basis to determine what resources each of your customers uses.

Integrated FAQ database

Processed trouble tickets are stored in the FAQ database. Support employees use the FAQ database of as a source of possible solutions when a new service request comes in, this enables the use of existing knowledge and faster response times. It’s worth noting that this does not just make customers more satisfied – but also makes life easier for your support team.

NIS would be delighted to advise you as to how you can optimize your service management using CAS genesisWorld and the Helpdesk module. As official CAS partners, we are here to assist you with any questions you might have regarding CRM software.

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